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The Curious Parent 109

Stress, resilience and growth mindset with Vicky Bellman

In this episode I welcome back Vicky Bellman who is a counsellor working with children and teenagers. We had such a great chat in episode 103 about the challenges of tech and screen time that I wanted to continue the conversation and share more of Vicky’s knowledge with you. One area that Vicky helps her young clients with is dealing with anxiety and perfectionism - and it appears that is a trend she is seeing in her teenage clients - and I really wanted to talk to her more about stress, resilience and growth mindset.

Highlights from our conversation include:

  • How to explain the idea of set-backs to a child
  • The importance of failure and resilience
  • Practical ways to help your child get back on track when something doesn’t go as planned
  • Why you should call a family meeting to review everyone’s commitments
  • Anxiety as an important feeling and when to know if your child should see a counsellor 

Useful links:

Episode 103 on Technology and screen-time

Vicky's website

Vicky on Instagram

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