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The Curious Parent 103

Technology and screen-time with Vicky Bellman

In this episode I talk to Vicky Bellman, from, who is a counsellor based close to me here in Kent. She runs a practice offering one to one counselling to adults, children and teenagers. 

I really wanted to ask Vicky about the kinds of issues she helps her younger clients with and what we as parents can do at home to tackle common causes of stress. We start by talking about how she helps her clients during their sessions and end up having a really practical chat about tackling screen-time at home. This is a topic we both had tackled ourselves with our families so there are lots of useful nuggets to share.

As I mention at the start of the podcast Vicky joined the call from her practice which is based in a shepherds hut on the grounds of a beautiful Victorian walled garden and I promised you a photo:

Highlights from this episode include:

  • The therapeutic effect of creative work and how we release tension through the body. Slime gets mentioned!
  • circle
    The importance of taking action and setting boundaries.
  • What to do if you feel like tech has got out of control at home.
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    Why you need a table of shame in your house.

Useful links:

Vicky's website Concentric Counselling

Vicky on Instagram

Vicky's blog post on her digital detox

My blog post about my son's digital detox

My blog post about our table of shame

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