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Raising organised kids with Patty Cruz-Fouchard

How can we help our kids be more organised? I speak to Patty Cruz-Fouchard who runs Organised and Simple and helps busy people in business and at home who are overwhelmed to become more organised with their time, space and information. Patty loves setting up tailored made routines for her clients so they can learn how to be more productive in their lives and I wanted to see how this translated to her own home life and share her experience with you.

I really wanted to talk to her about the nitty gritty of daily routines and get her tips on how to make travelling with kids easier. As a mum of 3 boys and frequent international traveller I couldn’t think of a better guest to get on and give us some valuable insights.

Highlights from this episode include:

  • The secret to morning and evening routines for your kids
  • How to get your kids involved with chores
  • How Patty handles reward systems
  • Patty’s formula for successful holidays with kids
  • Why you need packing cubes ????
  • How Patty is raising her boys to be world ready

Useful links:

Patty on Instagram

Patty's YouTube channel (I love the cameo appearances that her kids make in some of the episodes)

Packing cubes (haven't heard of them? just google it or look in amazon)

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