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How to develop a positive mindset with Fran Excell

In this episode I talk to Fran Excell who is a mindset coach about her experience of helping her clients let go of negative thinking and limiting beliefs. I wanted to talk to her about the importance of a positive mindset and see how we might bring this into busy family life.

I can't help but notice that business owners and entrepreneurs are particularly aware of the importance of mindset when it comes to success in life. In my own work as a productivity strategist I see many adults investing in coaching and self-development. My question is why not start this process earlier so the later coaching isn't as necessary?

I feel really passionate about introducing these habits and concepts at a younger age and so it was great to talk to Fran about the neuroscience behind the techniques and what simple things we can do at home with our kids that will make a lasting difference. 

Highlights of our conversation:

  • How to retrain your brain to be more positive
  • The importance of resilience and reframing
  • Gratitude practice - how this simple technique pays huge dividends
  • circle
    Mindfulness and it’s role in calming the stress response in our bodies
  • circle
    Getting started with journaling
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    Introducing random acts of kindness into your day and why this makes a difference

Fran and I so enjoyed our conversation that we recorded a second episode for you all about journaling. Look out for it later this series.

Links that get mentioned:

Fran on Instagram

Fran’s podcast The Positive Pants Podcast

Fran’s Facebook group

Fran’s blog post about why we can’t be happy all the time

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