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The Curious Parent 105

Helping our children understand themselves with Mandy Lehto

In this episode I’m talking to Mandy Lehto who is a coach, speaker and writer. I really wanted to ask Mandy about the coaching work she does with her clients and their search for more peace, purpose and authenticity in their lives. Adults often spend a lot of time looking for greater self-awareness and feeling happy with who they are and where they are. But how can we introduce this into our parenting so that our kids grow up feeling that the are ‘enough’?

Highlights of our conversation include:

  • How parents can get to know their children and teach them to understand who they really are
  • Why saying ‘just be yourself’ is the most unhelpful statement ever
  • Using the Enneagram to get a better understanding of our children (and ourselves)
  • Using Julia Cameron’s The Artists Way to help children tap into what makes them who they are
  • Great questions to ask your kids at the dinner table
  • The importance of failure and how to approach it in a positive way
  • Bounceback as the kids version of resilience
  • Mindfulness without it feeling like a ‘thing’
  • What to say in moments of stress so that you don’t turn everything into teaching points and experience

Useful links:

Mandy’s daily email Moxie Cast

Enneagram Institute online test

Elizabeth Wagele’s book The Enneagram of Parenting

The Artist's Way for Parents by Julia Cameron

The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron

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