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The Curious Parent 102

Developing healthy study habits with Juliet Landau-Pope

As we heard in the last episode there are lots of reasons children get stressed with exams and the revision process. In this episode I talk to study skills expert Juliet Landau-Pope about how we can support our children develop healthy study habits.

Juliet is a certified coach, professional organiser and academic study skills consultant. She coaches teens and adults and runs workshops promoting organising and time management skills. She has written two books on Productivity and Decluttering. I wanted to tap into her vast experience of coaching study skills and time management and distill this into some practical tips and techniques we can try at home

​​​​Some show highlights include:

The massive gap between parents and kids when it comes to revision and how dealing with this overcomes a huge amount of stress and tension at home.

How to tap into your children’s motivation and why this is important when it comes to the revision process

Typical mistakes when it comes to tackling revision

Juliet’s opinion on tutors and what to invest in instead for long term success

How approaching exams is like running a marathon

Useful links:

Juliet Landau-Pope’s website

Juliet Landau-Pope on Twitter

Juliet Landau Pope’s books on Amazon

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