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Have you ever wondered what skills our kids need to be world ready?
Hello, I’m Francesca, mum, productivity strategist, creator of the HappySelf journal and generally curious person.
Join me on The Curious Parent Podcast and blog as I explore how we can best prepare our kids for what lies ahead. When we read daily reports of this generation growing up more stressed than ever and with claims that 60% of the jobs that primary age children are going into don’t even exist there is so much more needed than a traditional education can provide.
The Curious Parent 110

All about journaling with Fran Excell

An entire episode dedicated to journaling. Why it’s so good for you and how to get started with guest Fran Excell.
The Curious Parent 109

Stress, resilience and growth mindset with Vicky Bellman

I welcome back Vicky Bellman to the series to talk more about stress, resilience and growth mindset and how to help our children with anxiety and set-backs.
The Curious Parent 108

On fostering creativity in our kids with Joanna Pieters

In this episode I have a great conversation with Joanna Pieters about the importance of creativity in kids and the challenges this brings us a parents.
The Curious Parent 107

Raising organised kids with Patty Cruz-Fouchard

As a professional organiser and productivity expert Patty loves setting up tailored made routines for her clients so they can learn how to be more productive in their lives – so how does this translate to her own home life? Tune in to find out.
The Curious Parent 106

Raising productive kids with Grace Marshall

Is it possible to raise productive kids? This is the question I wanted to ask fellow productivity expert Grace Marshall.
The Curious Parent 105

Helping our children understand themselves with Mandy Lehto

In this episode I’m talking to Mandy Lehto who is a coach, speaker and writer. I really wanted to ask Mandy about the coaching work she does with her clients and their search for more peace, purpose and authenticity in their lives and ask her how we can introduce this to our children at an earlier age.
The Curious Parent 104

How to develop a positive mindset with Fran Excell

In this episode I talk to Fran Excell who is a mindset coach about her experience of helping her clients let go of negative thinking and limiting beliefs. I wanted to talk to her about the importance of a positive mindset and see how we might bring this into busy family life.
The Curious Parent 103

Technology and screen-time with Vicky Bellman

I talk to Vicky about the kinds of issues she helps her younger clients with and what we as parents can do at home to tackle common causes of stress.
The Curious Parent 102

Developing healthy study habits with Juliet Landau-Pope

As we heard in the last episode there are lots of reasons children get stressed with exams and the revision process. In this episode I talk to study skills expert Juliet Landau-Pope about how we can support our children develop healthy study habits.
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